Wild Blue Yonder - Appalachian Americana Music

Edgy acoustic music rooted in the hills of East Tennessee. Mandolin, Martin, fiddle and banjo mix it up with fresh takes on old songs mingled with new original tales of life and love. Appalachian Folk, alt-country, Gospel and Celtic sounds combine in the WBY recipe for a tasty array of styles.

Wild Blue Yonder was born in the year 2000 when singer/songwriters Melissa Wade and Philip Coward decided to join forces and share their love of acoustic music with new audiences. The two had been playing other types of music, on piano and electric guitar respectively, for many years when they felt the call to return to their roots musically. Plodding the fields of bluegrass festivals brought them various pickers who served as band members on and off for a time, but when they stumbled upon two fiddle-playing sisters, Cindy Wallace and Laura Knight, they found a musical spark that has endured. Read the full Wild Blue Yonder bio >

From the core members of Wild Blue Yonder comes this all-original disc of edgy Americana, folk/pop, alt-country.

Adopting the alter-ego name "Fated Genes" for this project, it features guitars (even a little Les Paul!), fiddles, mandolin, percussion, drums and tight vocals. WBY singer/songwriters Melissa Wade and Philip Coward venture further from the bluegrass fringes of their first two CD's, "Bolt Out Of The Blue" and "Above & Beyond," with this eclectic mix of tunes about love gone right and wrong, living for the here and now, and a Gospel tune for good measure. If you enjoyed the original songs from their first two projects, you will love this more intimate peek into the songwriting minds of Wade and Coward, expressed through energetic musicianship and soulful vocals.