Three Albums, Two Names, Time Travel

The Appalachian Highland Celtic music that Wild Blue Yonder performs today is a celebration of the oldest and truest roots of Appalachian Folk music . . . It’s where our 20+ year evolution backward through time has landed us and where our hearts(and DNA) feel most at home. Bluegrass, mountain music, old-time . . . it mostly all began in Southern Appalachia rendered through the hands and voices of immigrants from the British Isles in the 1700s and 1800s.

In our shows now, we honor this rich heritage with traditional Scottish and Irish tunes. Coming later in 2023 we will release some original Celtic songs in the style and spirit of that tradition(Stay tuned!). But the three recordings below represent the musical journey that has led us here . . . each it’s own version of the broader brand – Appalachian Folk music.

Bolt Out Of the Blue

A little ‘grassy, a little Folky . . . hot picking and tight harmonies characterize WBY’s first release, “Bolt Out of the Blue“, from 2002. The disc features six original cuts, one of which is a statement of emotional strength from a uniquely female point of view, “It’s Only Love”.

Other cuts like “The Cuckoo Bird” and “Fly Away” reveal the band’s respect for the old-time music tradition, while the disc’s title cut tells the story of a traveling musician who falls in love on the road. “Bolt Out of the Blue” also whets your appetite with the delicious road-kill ditty, “The Possum Crawls Tonight”.

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Above & Beyond

Above & Beyond,” WBY’s second release from 2004, is a heartwarming, soulful and foot-stomping foray into the outer reaches of acoustic music. It contains seven original tunes, one of which was selected by the Mast General Store for its 125th year anniversary compilation CD – “Love So True” is a tale of lasting love woven through a gentle, flowing melody. Another of the disc’s best-loved sacred songs, “All My Tears”, still appears in their live shows today. Check out the video of this one on our VIDEOS page.

Both projects received airplay on more than 200 radio stations across the United States, in addition to stations in England, Canada, Australia, Belgium, Norway, Germany, The Netherlands and Holland.

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Full Disguise

Adopting the alter-egoFated Genes” seemed like a good idea in 2009 when Wild Blue Yonder decided to offer up an all-original project, more Folk/Americana in style. Now it just seems a bit confusing . . . But while some names have been changed to protect the guilty, the band is essentially the same – with a bit more edge, grit, alt-country and percussive feel. “Full Disguise” is truly a unique and musically diverse project.

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