Are you a Gmail user?

If you are, and you are not seeing our monthly newsletters (usually sent out in the first week of each month), your gmail may be recognizing the email as a newsletter, and filtering it into your “Promotions” folder.  So if it is close to the end of the first week of the month, and you are not seeing a newsletter from us:

  • Of course, check your “Spam” folder
  • Check your “Promotions” folder by clicking the “Promotions” tab at the top. If you see our newsletter in there, drag it to the “Primary” tab (top left). This will:
  • Move the newsletter to your Inbox
  • When a pop-up asks you “Do this for future messages from…”, click “Yes“, and this should cancel the filtering on our newsletters, so that future newsletters from us should go directly to your Inbox

Check out the example below: